Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Get To Know Our Bartender!

Our restaurant prides itself on sourcing the freshest ingredients possible. To keep with our healthy philosophy we recently we began to feature a new sour mix in all of our margaritas. Not only in this sour mix made right here in Fryeburg, but it is also the brain child of one of our very own bartenders!

Meet Christopher Randall: bartender, father, husband, entrepreneur!

I set out to learn how this idea came about, and to give our readers a background on Christopher. Read on for his comments.

When asked how the idea started, Christopher says, "Fryetown Pucker Boys all started because my wife and I were so sick of bad, sugar packed sour mix that we usually would water down with soda water to get the refreshing taste we craved. That started my quest for a homemade, hand-squeezed, natural ingredient based sour mix that was refreshing and tasted lighter than anything on the market."

When asked what his favorite part about working at The Oxford House Inn is, he says, "My favorite part about working at The Oxford House Inn is the people I get to work with and for. It is a great atmosphere, with incredible food and encourages creativity."

This homemade sour mix consists of only simple ingredients: hand-squeezed lemon and lime juice, and just a touch of stevia. It tastes so light and refreshing! Come visit us and try it for yourself.


Meaghan Cassily, Restaurant Manager