Friday, June 23, 2017

Staff Wine Training at Oxford House Inn

"A person with increasing knowledge and sensory education 
may derive infinite enjoyment from wine."  
- Ernest Hemingway

We believe that the best approach to learning is a hands on experience. Our dedicated staff gathered happily on the glass enclosed back porch dining room to delve into the world of wine! 
This event was an excellent refresher for our veteran staff members, as well as an eye opening opportunity for our newest staff. 

As a team, we began the exploration of our Wines by the Glass and how they pair with certain flavors and methods of cooking. We discussed the 5 Stages of Tasting Wine, and explanations of wine terminology, such as bouquet, legs, and tannins.  Armed with the knowledge, our staff feels more confident than ever to assist our guests in pairing wine with their meals. 

As a management team, Natalie, Jonathan, Nick and I are so pleased with the level of commitment our staff demonstrates on a daily basis. We are all looking forward to an excellent Summer Season!


Meaghan Cassily, Restaurant Manager

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